• Steven Haich  5 starI think hybrid wellbeing is a great gym which has a very comfortable and intimate environment with a lot of support from the trainers shout out to Ali. I can see myself being a long term member here thank you

  • I’m a Jivamukti yoga freak – it’s food for my soul. I also have an amazing personal trainer who I see whenever I can. His name is Liston Wingate-Denys. I never used to talk about him, but now he’s expanded his business, i’m like, ‘Let everyone else have a bit of Liston’.

    Thandie Newton – Actress

  • “I’ve been working with Liston for few years and always find him bright and lively even though my sessions start at 6:30am due to my hectic working schedule and I like the fact that he understands my lifestyle. Liston keeps me focused only on myself and for an hour I get to enjoy circuit training and running which I love. We work out at the park where he has me doing sprints, push ups, sit ups and pad work.

    Physically I’m in the best shape I could possibly be in order to live my life the way I like, in the fast lane.”

    Rob Hersov – director

  • Hi Liston,

    Now that I’m back, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Without your training and advice on a regular basis, I would never have been able to go as far as I did in my expedition. Although we had to finish the last fifteen miles in a helicopter due primarily to the drift and absence of sea ice, we got 50 km further than any of the other teams on the ice on skis, because we put in long and hard days (up to 13 hours) – I was only able to do this because of your great training.

    Thanks again, Parker

    PS I have another expedition in my head for the future – I may need some more sessions in a few months time!

    More information is on the facebook site. www.facebook.com/thelastdegree

    Parker Liautaud – young explorer

  • “Liston literally changed my life for me.  Having been very overweight for years, I started seeing him in 2006 and with regular training sessions, usually 3 or 4 times a week, and a sensible eating regime, I had lost over 30 kilos by the end of six months.  I looked forward to my sessions as Liston always managed to make them varied and enjoyable.  I have continued training with him ever since and have not had any trouble controlling my weight.”

    Elizabeth Menzies – housewife

  • “I’ve been training with Sarah, for two years 3 times a week. I came to Sarah with lower back pain and osteoporotic in my hips and back. Since I’ve been using the side alternating vibrational plate Galileo my back and hip condition has improved immensely. I have since been told by my specialist that my last scan result has shown a remarkable improvement and I was no longer required for further scans. My sessions with Sarah are enormous fun, very encouraging and varied.”


  • “Thirty minutes twice a week – that’s all I have time for when it comes to training. But with Hybrid Wellbeing, for minimum time spent I get maximum result. It is a perfect sized studio offering unique one-to-one training sessions for people like me. I start with a warm up using the side alternating vibrational machine for 3 minutes, then skipping, boxing (surprisingly enjoyable!) and some floor work. Excellent music and conversation also provided. Before I know it, my session is over – and it only remains for me to look forward to the next one.”

    Jane Cameron – Headteacher

  • “I went to Hybrid Wellbeing and Liston on a glowing recommendation from a friend.  I was looking for some specific strength building for a reunion rugby match, having been (quite rightly) out of the game for some time.  Over the course of three months Liston has made me fitter, leaner and stronger in exactly the right way, with the added value of now looking to download some of the gym’s cool tunes.  I’m more clear headed on daily activities and feel better now than in many a year;  the tips I received from Ange, the on-site nutritionist and Liston’s training have allowed me to keep motivated during my frequent travel to maintain the right level before returning to Hybrid Wellbeing’s studio. I thoroughly recommend Liston and the team at Hybrid Wellbeing.”

    Adrian Calvert – Entrepeneur

  • “I have been doubly blessed at Hybrid Wellbeing as have been trained by both members of the in-house dream team. Sarah trained me hard so that I was in very good shape for my wedding and subsequently, for my pregnancy.

    Liston has since taken me on post the birth of my little girl Molly who comes with me to my twice weekly sessions and kicks around on a neighbouring gym mat while I am put through my paces. Basically, Hybrid Wellbeing is an extremely nurturing place to be, to get fit, to chat, to laugh and to feel safe.

    I am a very happy, considerably fitter, on-going Hybrid Wellbeing punter.”

    Clare Cameron – proud mother

  • “Al’s sessions have been creative, varied and fun, as well as hugely beneficial. He really listened to what I wanted to accomplish and squeezed maximum value into and out of the limited time I had to spare. He’s also a top bloke – I’d recommend him to anyone, and look forward to continuing to work with him.”

    Joseph Samuel – Journalist

  • “Training with Al is great. He sets a challenging pace, is fun to work with and gets great results. I went skiing after just two months of personal training and was stronger, fitter and less tired than previous trips. I can highly recommend Hybrid Wellbeing.”

    Kirsty Marshall – PR Executive

  • “I have been coming to see Liston for about a year now and he has become a permanent fixture in my diary that I couldn’t do without. I only wish I had time to see him more!

    I feel much fitter; he knows when to push and when not to. The gym is a great place to work out; always clean and airy and you get it to yourself mostly. Good music, great equipment, varied sessions and a trainer who keeps you on your toes and is just lovely to be around. He’s gentle but he makes sure you work at the same time.”

    Nisha Parti – Director/Producer

  • “Since I began training with Liston, he has immeasurably improved my health, fitness, and self-confidence.  He’s also become a valued and trusted friend.

    Now can I have that discount?”

    Ol Parker – Scriptwriter/Director

  • “I have been trained by four trainers, however I want to strongly recommend Liston. He has a unique gift. He works you hard and with his knowledge you feel confident that he is pushing all the right buttons. I am 83 years old and I’m reaping the benefits of his care.”

    Barbara Reynolds

  • “I would recommend Hybrid Wellbeing if you are looking for personal training sessions with guaranteed results.  Liston, the trainer is very motivating.  We worked on my personal goals and his recommendations for me, combining a mixture of kick boxing and core strengthening exercises.  The work outs were challenging yet fun and I always felt fantastic afterwards.  The PT sessions are highly addictive, once you start you’ll be hooked!”

    Daria Germondari

  • “Liston is simply one of the best personal trainers in London. He has an innate and precise understanding of bodies and training – which means you get incredible results with his tailor-made sessions. He is worth every penny.”

    Ramita Navai – Journalist