Our Unique Equipment

Hybrid Wellbeing is the first studio of it’s kind in the UK to create the most innovative and scientific workout. We us technology previously reserved for top-level medical rehabilitation or for elite Olympic teams. At Hybrid Wellbeing we create a fusion between traditional training methods and the most scientific technology available. We are pioneering the introduction of side alternating vibration platforms in combination with time honoured and traditional training methods, such as resistance training, boxercise and core stability.

Our Unique equipment gives us the freedom to train anywhere. Whether you fancy a “Rocky Balboa” montage in Richmond Park or vibrational training in the comfort of your home, we can bring the studio to you.


The story of the Galileo platform begins as early as the 60’s and 70’s when Russian cosmonauts used vibration technology to gain longer permanence during zero gravity space missions. Spurred on by the incredible longevity shown, but their cosmonauts many athletes jumped on Whole Body Vibration to give them a competitive edge over those outside the Eastern Block.


After the fall of the Berlin Wall the world became aware of Whole Body Vibration and a German company, NovoTec Medical commercialised its production. Since then Galileo has been used by elite sport clubs and world-class athletes as well as emerging as an important tool in many rehabilitation clinics.

Unlike linear platforms the Galileo’s unique oscillating (side to side) function imitates walking and allows damping of the vibration as the forces are transmitted up the body. As a result, the Galileo allows you to work at higher intensities with less impact and less vibration spreading up to the head. Galileo has also been proven to strengthen bones, improve back pain and assist in the treatment of many medical conditions.


During conventional training our muscle movements are voluntary, however when using vibration training our muscles are stimulated to work by the involuntary stretch reflex (ISR) and are controlled by the spinal cord. This is the same as the patella reflex, which we see when the doctor taps the patella tendon below the kneecap and the lower leg moves upwards without the brain being able to prevent the movement.

The number of stretch reflexes per second is controlled via the settable training frequency; for example, by choosing 25 Hertz, there are 25 contraction cycles induced in each flexor and extensor muscle. This sums up to a whole 1500 cycles per minute. To achieve 1500 repetitions in the gym it would take you many weeks.

The relationship between bone & muscle is very important; Galileo training has been proven to increase bone density, which is key to ensuring long-term health and fitness, and to combat conditions such as osteoporosis.



Originally developed by the American navy and used as a strength and conditioning tool for martial artists, undulating ropes have recently entered the public zeitgeist with the rise of Mixed Martial Arts.

Undulating ropes are an easy to implement, highly effective form of training and conditioning for athletes and general fitness enthusiasts alike. Undulating Ropes drills will improve grip strength as well as your ability to create power and sustain that power output for longer periods of time. They are also a great way of improving your aerobic and anaerobic capacity while teaching the muscles of the entire body to work together to maximize performance.


Originating in Africa as a children’s game, Vew-Do balance boards made the jump into mainstream use in 1992 when Brew “Vew” Moscarello adapted the original to simulate the motions and tricks associated with snowboarding.
Today, professional snowboarders and athletes from all codes around the world champion its use. The board’s wide appeal has led to it being used by everyone from Premier League footballers to the New England Patriot’s cheerleaders.


With so many different circuits to choose from, it’s understandable if you’re having trouble deciding which one to try. If that’s the case then Body Shock may be the class for you. A mash-up of all the techniques we use, Body Shock is the ultimate workout condensed into 30 minutes.

Acting as both stepping-stone and proving ground, this is the cutting edge of the Hybrid Wellbeing philosophy. When we introduce a new piece of equipment our Body Shock clients are the first to know about it. So if you’re not sure which programme would fit you best, or you’d like to try a bit of everything come along and give it a try.
If you’re up for the challenge, that is.


Imagine living you whole life with boxing gloves on. Not to beat people up with, just image how impaired you would be. It’s not too dissimilar to how we walk around with shoes on our feet our whole lives, doesn’t seem all that bright does it. Especially considering all the nerve endings, bones and joints in our feet and that they are our most direct physical contact with our environment.


10 reasons to go barefoot are:

1. Enhanced running efficiency
2. Facilitated venous return
3. Decreased ankle sprains
4. Lowered risk of shin splints
5. Minimize back pain
6. Enhance proprioception
7. Strengthen intrinsic foot musculature
8. Maximise biomechanical performance
9. Diminish risk of bunions
10. Optimise balance / prevent falls

We’ve evolved over thousands of years and up until less than 10,000 years ago we survived perfectly well without shoes on our feet. There are many modern day examples of athletes performing well even running marathons barefoot Zola Budd and Haile Gebrselassie have both run marathons barefoot. There is even a train of thought and research to show that running barefoot ensures correct mechanics.


Has your pride suffered an injury at work? Has your ego been hurt in a slip-up or fall from grace that wasn’t your fault? If you need catharsis but think laying your boss out cold might adversely affect your career, we can teach you the next best thing, to thrash the living daylights out of a leather punching bag.WP_20141023_005

As well as the obvious benefit of pretending to pummel an ex-boyfriend, boxing is also a great way to stay in shape. Besides increasing upper-body strength, this quick class will also improve your agility, aerobic endurance and technique.

Coached by the same trainers who helped David Haye to the heavyweight crown, our trainers are all professionally accredited by the British Boxing Board of Control. We can provide the skills you want in the ring or the release you need to avoid the sack.