Personal Training

There is no magic wand that will help you achieve your goals; at Hybrid Wellbeing our principle aim is to improve quality of life and change doesn’t always come easily. We can target cosmetic changes although we will also target genuine development of your fitness levels.

Our programmes are designed to stimulate fundamental change and with our unique equipment and trainers we will push you further than you thought possible. There will be sweat, tears and recriminations (on both sides), but the results will speak for themselves. To check out our Unique Equipment, click here.

Here at Hybrid Wellbeing we’ve adopted functional training as part of our philosophy and taken it further than any of our competitors. While functional training has been demonstrated to be more effective than traditional gym workouts it has to be tailored to each client for them to receive the full benefit. With our combination of both classic and revolutionary techniques we can design a programme, which will target your specific goals.

Functional training is has gained increasing prominence in the fitness industry, the basic premise being to use exercises, which mimic natural movements. Unlike traditional resistance machines found in most gyms functional training works more groups of muscles together, better preparing your body for strenuous work outside of the gym environment.

We believe that true health and wellness can only be found when the physical, psychological and biochemical aspects of the body and mind are balanced. To help you achieve balance in health and wellness we have an expert team including personal trainers, nutritionists, an acupuncturist, a physiotherapist, a massage therapist, and an osteopath.