About Hybrid

Liston Wingate-Denys has run his own personal training business for 16years, providing expert consultancy to London’s top health clubs, as well as the famous Equinox health club in New York. His background includes being a member of the British Judo team for 15 years. Time and again Liston has proved his ability to adapt to the demands of the market ahead of current trends and has remained a forerunner throughout his career in the fitness industry.

Hybrid Wellbeing started as a fusion of Liston’s own training methods honed over years in the fitness industry and expert advice from leading physiotherapists. Tired of the industry’s stagnant adherence to training principles, Liston looked to develop a method which focused on the individual’s own strengths and objectives. In combination with the Galileo side-alternating platform Hybrid Wellbeing is pioneering an innovative system which few if any other programs can claim to match.